Computer Science

Cpsc 230 Data Structures- Learned the design and implementation of data structures and various algorithms.

Cpsc 330 Object Oriented Analysis and Design- Studied design principles of object oriented programming.

Cpsc 350 Database Management and Design- Learned the various aspects of databases. This class taught me a lot about web technologies as well as how to learn from api documentation.

Cpsc 305 Computer Systems and Architecture- Studied computer architecture of both personal computers and raspberry pis

Cpsc 430 Software Engineering- Studied the design and implementation practices of software engineering. Developed software in teams while giving presentations and writing documents about the software. Used iterative development techniques during software implementation.

Cpsc 310 Computer Information Systems- Studied information systems and their impact on the world.


Calculus 1 and 2

Math 201 Intro to Discrete Mathematics

Math 300 Linear Algebra

Math 200 Statistics

Buad 131,132 Accounting 1 and 2