Hello, my name is Scott Vaughn and I am a student at the University of Mary Washington. I came to Mary Washington with the desire to become a biologist but quickly shifted to a new path, the path of computer science.

The switching of majors was a choice driven by my desire to create. Even as a child I have always been thinking about solutions to problems. I would spend hours drawing out designs to share with my family. This creative drive felt so great but unfortunately I didn’t have the confidence to make these designs come together and slowly forgot about my passion. Within the first week of my intro to computer science class I rediscovered my old desire.

Outside of my education you will find me working, exercising, or doing a number of small hobbies. I’ve been an employee at Wegmans for over 6 years. My job is important to me and I really enjoy finishing an honest day of work. As a student I work weekends which allows me to focus on my other activities. To stay active I like to lift weights. Recently I’ve started on some small scale computer programming projects and learning guitar.